I now have a quality of life

I chose Dr. Marr as an acupuncturist because of my previous success with acupuncture 17 years ago, after a back injury.This injury was so serious it required surgery. Acupuncture was a total success then, so I knew it would work again. As a result of working with Dr. Marr my results were immediate pain relief, and I could walk with ease.

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She can help you!

I chose Dr. Mel because I heard great things about her. As a result of working with Dr. Mel I feel better, well rested, sleep better and have less health issues. Go see her. She can help you!



I chose Dr. Marr because she was recommended by my lymphatic therapist. I have arthritis in my knees and needed something for the inflamation. Dr. Marr has been treating all of me. The edema has lessened at a remarkable rate. My digestion is becoming more normal. I am no longer retaining water. My acid reflux is settled. I am much

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Recommended by my chiropractor

I chose Dr. Marr because she was recommended by my chiropractor for lower back and neck issues. My neck and shoulders have improved faster working with both acupuncture and chiropractic. My energy levels are way up and I can talk to her about anything. Acupuncture with Dr. Mel is a relaxing, enlightening experience. I love it!


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