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About Spruce Grove Acupuncture

At Spruce Grove Acupuncture our practitioners are  highly trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine to diagnose the root cause of disease and design a specifically tailored treatment to help you achieve and maintain optimal health. It is our mission to balance the entire body and most importantly educate you on how to maintain a healthy disposition. We strongly believe that living a balanced lifestyle is the key to a healthy body, mind and spirit. We have a full herbal dispensary where we customize herbal formulas specifically for your diagnosis.

Prevention is Priceless

Why do we wait until we are sick before we go to the doctor? This concept results in a reduced quality of life and higher medical costs. TCM is a non-invasive widely used medical system to help you prevent illness and maintain health. We will teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle in order to help prevent disease. Bring your body in for a tune-up today and live a happier healthier life!

Did you know that 75% of our illnesses come from what we eat?

At Spruce Grove Acupuncture we  believe that a healthy diet is the secret for optimal health and longevity. We will educate you on the healing power of food and what it means to have a healthy diet. We have the power to control our diet to help us prevent a variety of health complications. Food can be healing if used correctly.